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Michael Baisden Commentary: I’m not a Christian, but…

I’m not a Christian but I was raised with principles, values, and a belief that there was a power greater than myself, not a power to be feared but to be used as a resource to help overcome adversity, to tap into my creativity, and to achieve great things.

We get so caught up in religious labels that we forget that some of the worse atrocities known to mankind have been done in the name of religion, or justified by it. T…hat’s not to say that religion is all bad, but in the hands of evil and egotistical men it can be a powerful tool to abuse and control those who are unwilling to think for themselves.

Besides, what does a person’s religion say about them anyway? Does it mean he’s a good man or that she’s a good woman? Does your partner’s religion guarantee you that she won’t cheat or that he won’t go upside your head with his fist?

Look, I respect my Christian family, as well as Muslims, Buddhist, Jews, Mormons, etc.. but don’t think for one second that by identifying yourself as such or bragging about your church or pastor that you will gain my respect or trust.

Some people think you should be defined by how much you tithe or how often you attend church. But my attitude is this, show me your friends, your relationship with your partner and children, how you impact your community, and how you treat those who are less fortunate and I’ll tell you how close to God you are. When it’s all said and done, it’s about behavior not belief. ~ Michael Baisden

Inspired by the chapter, Stop Playing With God, in my new book, Raise Your Hands If You Have Issues.


Yea I Know….Him!!!

Today is my 55th Birthday, and in light of that milestone in my life…I write:

As a infant who lose his mother on an operating table, and lost his father to alcoholism, yea I know what is like to be a motherless child and not have an hero to look up to. But yet God saw fit to place on two adults who became my only other parents and raise me as a man that I am today. Yea I know, both my mom and dad would be proud.

As a young adolescent who never follow the others down the beaten path, I strive to be different, to be unique, and often struggle with my identity until I found sports; track & field, basketball, fencing, skiing and of course my first love….Football I excelled, gain self esteem, confidence, and courage that spilled over in other aspect of my life. Yea I know, that learning of myself, and re inventing who I am as I grew was paramount in my overall development as an individual but Yea I know that I was something special indeed.

As a teenager struggling with my heritage, legacy of what I was, where did I come from, what was my origin was troubling because I couldn’t identify, label myself as this or that but as an foster child being raise by parents that I have come to know due their kindness and love for me. Yea I know, that I could have been bounced around foster homes, shelters, and group homes and really that would be a burdensome ordeal that I will live with the rest of my life but Yea I know that I was bless to be stationary with one set of loving parents who provided me love and stability of a happy home and a safe environment.

As a man who learn to love, failed at love and regain the opportunity to love unconditionally, in which I failed many times again. I encounter grief, sadness of divorce, separation from love ones who later resented me and even now hate me but Yea I know, I may have caused a great deal of pain through my unwise and irrational decisions and behavior, I have been kept, those that I hurt has continue to grow and developed regardless.

You see, as an old man now who youth has pasted me by, whose follies, and stupidity in dealing with life situations haunts me daily with great regrets, I can say Yea I Know….Him! He who is the author of my life, He who has been constant in protecting me even when I forget Him, forsaken Him, and often times just plain exclude Him out of my life.

I have learned that my only ace in the hole is Jesus Christ and that thorough my whole 55 years of existence…Yea I Know …Him to be my Saviour, my Friend, and indeed my Everything. I am nothing without Him, and Everything with Him….Yea I Know Him….simple as that!

“I Have”

I have reach a milestone in my life; I will be awarded the opportunity to reach and live 55 years. I have done many things both good and bad. I have been smart and stupid.

I also have dealt with pain, loss and despair. I have lie, told the truth, and been consider honest and a liar. I have seen death but know that life is precious but everlasting for

sure. I have matured in some ways and regressed in others. I have learned and refused to learn. I have done a number of things unimaginable, unthinkable and sometimes

ungodly in its nature. I have hurt, disappointed, and deceive others, love-ones, and family. I have let myself down but also I have reach within and found that something

that helps me to strive for a better way of  life, living, and being a productive member of society. I have loved, and hated. I have walked away, to never return. I have

remove myself from love ones, I have not given a second chance.

As you can see I can go on with what I have and have not done but the point of the whole matter is that “I Have Live and Continously Learn more each day I have

encountered Life. I may not be right all the time but I know I have tried my best at all times and that is all I can ask.

I have and I will continue to live so that I have a peace of mind, a steadfast faith, and a true heart to serve.

Yes “I Have”

Happy 55th Birthday “Sarge”

I’m Blessed

I start this off thanking God that I will be able to say I made it to my 55th birthday!!! I have been through many things in my short life, and I have enjoyed, anguished, and meditated on all the trials & tribulations.

I remember the good times as well as the bad times, the confused times, the bitter times,all the times regardless of what state I may have been in. I’m blessed regardless what has happened in my life.

Through all my losses, my regrets, my disappointments, my triumphs, my victories etc….God has always been there regardless what I have done. Regardless of my goodness, or lack of therefore He continuous blesses me.

I have the facilities of my limbs, I’m in my right mental capacity, been provided a shelter for myself, but most importantly I am at peace, content with my life, and enjoying the fullest of  life.

I have learned to appreciate the small things in life, understanding it is not about materialistic things, my status quota, or who is my associations and how that put me in a class or standard that which has no value to my spiritual growth or relationship.

I’m very blessed indeed, and I am wise enough to know the difference in being blessed, being aware of the blessing and from whom my blessing come from.

I’m Blessed!!!

I Ask Again?

Once in awhile there will be someone that makes you question their motives, their agenda, and their direction.

Oftentimes I Ask Again…where ya going with this or that? How did you come to that conclusion or that thought process when you don’t even know me?

I Ask Again…who are you to tell me that I am living ineffective, inadequate and maybe not even in the will of God? Once again I Ask Again …Who are You?

Is it true that my accomplishments, my titles, or even my good works will suffice for me to get in the kingdom of heaven? Once again I Ask Again…is my works good enough or not needed at all for this priveledge?

You see the reason, I Ask Again and Again is that I was taught and read in the Holy Bible that my works, my goodness, my status in life or even my associations and money has nothing to do with being worthy of the King’s love and mercy.

I Ask Again…what is your Salvation based on?

Have You Walk With Me?

Have you walk with me as an infant when I lost my biological parents and was put in a child shelter, and foster home?

Have you walk with me as I struggle with my identity as a young teen with no self esteem and no confidence?

Have you walk with me as a young man, I learned what my worth is and was developing my life passion?

Have you walk with me as navigated myself through war in the Marine Corps?

Have you walk with me as I disappointed my family,friends, and love ones?

Have you walk with me when I cry for no apparent reasons?

Have you walk with me when I found myself lost, and needing direction and guidance?

Have you walk with me when I lost a love one, a fellow marine, or someone near and dear to my heart.

You see that is the question: Have You Walk With Me?

If you have not walked in my shoes, experience my experiences, or dealt with my hurts, trials & tribulations, as well as my life’s walk then ask yourself “Who Has Walked With You?

Yes Jesus, you and you alone has and can without no doubt Walk with me through every step of my life.



Never Doubt!!!

You may be going through a tough stretch in your life right now… I know that lonely feeling of dealing with the stress, grief, and that dissappointment that took ya by surprised and rocked ya in a bad way.

The broken trust you put into a spouse, a love one, a friend and it seems whoever you trust they prove you wrong….Never doubt!

We tend to look to those we think can help, those we expect to help, and those we know should help…well guess what? You have just been hit with a double-triple whammy of lessons learned.

Never doubt when you put your faith and trust in God, allow Christ to be your centerpiece, your conerstone in your life. Then you will see that all the stress, grief, and disappointments won’t hurt as much. You won’t be rock because you will be standing on the “Rock”.

Those broken trust issues with spouses, love ones, friends and families will not be shattering and life altering because your trust is in a source that is always available, that knows the situations, and circumstances even before we knew them….Let Christ become that stabilizer in your life and allow your life and your trust to move you into a newer realm of existence that is much more rewarding.

Never Doubt Christ, just let Him reign in your life…you will see the benefits of His faithfulness.